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Point O'Pines Camp for Girls

Camp Name: Point O'Pines Camp for Girls
Position Available: Full time RN 
Type of Camp: Traditional Sleep-away camp for girls ages 7-15yrs. (ACA Accredited)
Location: On a beautiful peninsula nestled in the Adirondack Mountains on Brant Lake.  Approx. 1 hour North of Albany and 1 hour South of Lake Placid, NY.
Contact Person: Director/ Sherie Alden (518)494.3213
Salary Range:  Competitive salary depending on experience includes private room board, laundry, and internet.  Reimbursement for NY license. Two days off per week.  Salary may be exchanged for daughter's camp tuition.
Camp Dates: June 26 to August 13 

 Position dates: June 19 to August 14. 

Position can be 2 weeks, 4 weeks or 8 weeks.
Comments: Our Health Center consists of 4 Nurses, Health Care Administrator and one MD, all of whom live on our campus in beautiful accommodations. We are known for our healthy, wonderful food!! Primary duties include dispensing medications, tending to sick campers and injuries, scheduling doctor appointments, maintaining medical records, responding to emergencies and effectively communicating details to parents and other medical staff.  Enjoy your time off by exploring the Adirondacks or playing tennis and swimming on our lakefront 

Ramapo for Children

Camp Name: Camp Ramapo

Position Available: RN, LPN, nursing students

Type of Camp: A residential summer camp experience for children who have difficulty building and maintaining healthy relationships with peers and adults and who would struggle in a less supportive setting.

Location:  Rhinebeck New York, located in Dutchess County. This historic little town nestled in the Northern New York Hudson Valley region reveals majestic views of the Catskill Mountains, the Hudson River, and more. 


Salary Range: $800-$1000/week for LPNs and RNs 

Travel reimbursement

Licensure reimbursement

Room and board, Wi-Fi and laundry service


Camp Dates: June 9th – August 24th 2019 (Can be flexible with dates)

Comments: Camp Ramapo is carefully structured to help children with learning and/or behavioral differences learn to live within a group, form healthy friendships, make good choices, develop self-confidence, and experience success.  Responsibilities of the Health Center Team include the following:

  • Work cooperatively and establish open communication with a team of nurses and nurse assistants.  Communicate with counselor staff, as necessary, to ensure the health needs of campers are met.
  • Coordinate and implement routines for managing, distributing, and safeguarding medications.
  • Respond to the health needs of campers and staff, including medication distribution, sick call, and on-call emergency response.
  • Establish and follow appropriate medical routines including record keeping in the daily medical log, disposal of medical waste, and utilize approved standing orders.
  • Conduct inventory of supplies and place orders when necessary, ensuring timely arrival of supplies.
  • Participate in specific areas of staff training pertaining to health and safety, such as basic first aid and the use of universal precautions for infection control.

How to apply

For more information and to apply, visit AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service alumni are encouraged to apply. Job Application Page


Contact Information Kate Wrightington, Director of Staffing  


Camp Schodack

Camp Name: Camp Schodack
Position Available: Full-time Nurse
Type of Camp: Traditional, overnight camp for boys and girls aged 7 to 16. (ACA Accredited)
Location: On 40 beautiful acres in the foothills of the Berkshires – just outside the village of Nassau, about 15 minutes from Albany, NY 

Website: - please check out our videos!

Contact Person: Owen Pennant Jones (781) 444-5520

Email Address:

Salary Range:  Competitive salary, depending on experience. You will have a private room and bathroom suite; including wifi, satellite TV, and your laundry done for you. We will pay expenses for NY Nursing license. You will have two consecutive days off per week.  Your camp-age children may attend at no fee. 

Camp Dates: June 26 to August 14 (Staff orientation starts June 17)

Comments: We have 4 full-time Nurses; 2 additional Night Nurses (9pm to 7am); one live-in coordinator (does all scheduling and appointments); one MD who visits 6 days each week. The nurse’s role includes taking care of sick campers and staff, updating medical records, communicating with parents of campers, dispensing medications (daily meds are pre-packaged) and responding to emergencies. Enjoy camp’s wonderful facility in your time off and explore the beautiful Berkshires, Saratoga and more! 

Cradle Beach Inc

Camp Name: Cradle Beach, Inc. 

Position Available: Residential Summer Camp Nurse 

Type of Camp: Non-Profit; Residential 

Location: 8038 Old Lakeshore Road, Angola, NY 14006 


Contact Person: Bonnie A. Brusk

Email Address: 

Salary Range: $1100 per session 

Camp Dates:

Session 1: June 30 - July 9 (Ages 8-11) 

Session 2: July 12 - July 21 (Ages 11-14) 

Session 3: July 24 – August 2 (Ages 8-11) 

Session 4: August 6- August 14 (Ages 11-14) 

Session 5: August 17 - August 23 (Ages 8-12)

Comments: Cradle Beach is a coed summer residential camp serving children with special needs and children who are economically disadvantaged, ages 8 to 16.  Approximately 150 children attend each 7-10 day session. Four residential RN’s are hired each session to care for the children and their medical and nursing needs. Room and board is included for the session. We are in Angola, NY located on the shores of Lake Erie. A very special summer!

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