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Camp Winaukee

Camp Name: Camp Winaukee
Position Available: Nurse
Type of Camp: Premier
Location: Moultonborough, NH
Contact Person: Todd Seideman​
Email Address:
Salary Range: negotiable
Camp Dates: June 23,  2018 - August 11, 2018
Comments: Camp Winaukee is looking for well-rounded, passionate, hardworking nurse who will be able to comfort, take care and keep our campers healthy throughout the summer.

The Walden School

Camp Name: The Walden School
Position Available: Camp Nurse, Young Musicians Program
Type of Camp: Summer music camp
Location: Dublin School in Dublin, NH
Contact Person: Seth Brenzel, Director, Young Musicians Program 
Email Address:
Salary Range: $1000/week plus room and board
Camp Dates: June 25, 2018-August 7
Comments: Responsibilities include working with the program director and leadership team to ensure health among the community’s approximately 50 students and 22 faculty & staff; reviewing all medical forms; supervising care of the sick; communicating with parents of students in incidence of student illness and/or injury; disbursement of regular student medications; living on campus and performing staff duties including dorm supervision; hiking with participants; other duties as determined. Click  for full job description.

Camp Cody

Camp Name: Camp Cody
Position Available: Nurse Coordinator 
Type of Camp:Residential Co-ed camp
Location:Freedom, New Hampshire
Contact Person:Dean Poland
Salary Range:$1,000 per 6-day work week, 12-14hrs per day (room & board included)
Camp Dates:June 12 - August 18
Comments:The Nurse Coordinator will oversee all operations within the Health Center. They will have a staff of 4 nurses and 1 nurse assistant for each 2-week session and will oversee the transition of nurses for all 4 sessions. They will also provide scheduling for the nurses and assist with decisions made to provide the very best care for our campers and staff The Nurse Coordinator will work 6 days each week and will  have room and board included. For more information please call 603 539-4997 or email

Camps Kenwood & Evergreen

Camp Name: Camps Kenwood & Evergreen
Position Available: Camp Nurse (RN)
Type of Camp: Residential
Location: Wilmot, NH
Contact Person: Sean Atkinson
Email Address: 114 Eagle Pond Road, Wilmot, NH, 03287
Salary Range: $1000 per week
Camp Dates: 29th June – 18th August

Comments: Looking for a Registered Nurse to provide care and comfort to our 340 campers and 200 staff from all over the world. Job role includes;
Routine medications
Acute injuries
Off-site appointments
Illness and injury assessment and management
Electronic medical record maintenance and documentation 
Communication with parents
Overnight on-call hours
Ability to carry out healthcare plans for campers with chronic conditions

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